Ono Iwashi Shogani (Sardines in Ginger Sauce)

  • $7.90

Ready to eat! Just heat and serve. 

Why we love it: It was love at first bite when we first tried it last year and we knew we had to bring it in! It's convenient (the fish is individually vacuum-packed so you don't have to cook 2 pieces at one go!), no preservativestasty and fits nicely into any bento. 

  • Marinated and par-cooked
  • 80G per packet, 160G (80G x 2pieces) per pack
  • Frozen for freshness. Keep frozen below -18 deg C.
  • Ingredients: Iwashi Sardines (Domestic), Soy sauce, Mirin, Salt, Ginger (Domestic), Vinegar, Starch. Allergens: soy, wheat.
  • How to heat: [No need to thaw] Remove individual packet of fish from outer packaging, drop it into boiling water for 10~12 minutes (without removing the fish from the packaging).