Okonomiyaki Stick 5PC

  • $9.00

It took us a long time to search for the perfect frozen Okonomiyaki. It's an odd thing to be searching for, but we're too lazy to make our own Okonomiyaki (though we sell the flour mix) and we love it too much. Most of the frozen Okonomiyaki have a lot of flour in them. We wanted something that is close to what we'd get when we go to an Izakaya in Osaka and we think this is it! It's generous with the fillings (cabbage and onion, binded with Yamaimo).

We've tried air frying it with a brush of oil on both sides, it's still tasty but it was missing the crispy burnt edges that you can only get when you pan fry the Okonomiyaki.

You will definitely need the Okonomiyaki Sauce and Mayonnaise, otherwise it'd taste like it's missing something. Other 2 things you'll need for the full experience: Ao Nori and Hana Katsuobushi

TL;DR: You can air fry, bake, pan fry and deep fry. But pan fry and deep fry would taste better.

  • 450G per pack, 5 sticks
  • Keep frozen
  • Produced in China, packed and imported from Japan
  • No need to thaw before heating.