Norwegian Fresh Skinless & Boneless Sashimi-grade Salmon

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Skinless & Boneless Sashimi-grade Salmon

Though our sashimi-grade Salmon has always been a favourite amongst our regulars, we've heard some of your feedback on having a smaller portion.

We've explained that the reason why we don't do slicing nor portioning and leaving them as they are is because bacteria tends to multiply faster when sliced in smaller portions (especially sashimi slices) throughout the process of slicing + delivery. If you wish to have sliced Salmon sashimi, please view our Sliced Aburi Salmon Belly Sashimi (which we highly recommend).

We pride ourselves as grocers who place the integrity and sanitary of produce above everything else, as we are home cooks too.

Skinless, boneless, ready-to-eat, the same quality that you're used to

New Portions sizes available for your preference!

200- 250G - per pack, good for 1 to 2 pax (or 1 pax if you really love salmon sashimi)

251- 300G - per pack, good for 2 to 3 pax (or 1 pax if you really love salmon sashimi)

301- 350G - per pack, good for 2 to 4 pax (or 1 pax if you really love salmon sashimi)

351G-410G per pack, good for 3 to 4 pax (or 1 pax if you really love salmon sashimi)

  • Skinless, boneless, sashimi grade (which means it is safe to eat raw)
  • Vacuum-sealed for extra freshness and safety (NOTE: Packet is not tightly vacuumed to prevent hurting the oils and texture of meat)
  • How to prepare: open package, pat dry or wrap with kitchen napkins to soak up excess moisture, add a bit of salt on the salmon and wrap it again with a kitchen napkin for at least 30 minutes (this improves the texture of the salmon and it doesn't make it salty), remove from kitchen napkin and wash, pat dry again with kitchen napkin, once surface of salmon is dry, slice or dice as desired. 
  • If unopened, it is good for 8 days in the chiller. Please consume within 2-3 days if opened