Noodles & Tempura Tsuyu Soup (Halal) / 麺つゆ

  • $12.00

Tsuyu is a soup base for Udon, Soba, Chasoba, Somen and even Tenmpura. This is 100% proudly made in Japan with Shoyu made in Fukuoka, and it is Halal Certified!

How to use:
As a regular soup stock: 1 part of Tsuyu to 7 parts water.
As a dipping soup for noodles OR tempura: 1 part Tsuyu: 4 parts water

  • 200ML per bottle
  • Once opened, please keep refrigerated.
  • Made in Japan
  • Halal Certified
  • Current Batch: Best Before 21 DEC 2022
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