Nippon Shokken Karaage Batter Mix (Halal)

  • $11.30

Here's one for our Muslim friends who loves their Karaage~

  • 1KG per packet
  • Japanese recipe, made in Thailand
  • Why choose Halal (if I'm not Muslim)? 
  • What this means for you is that this product doesn't contain alcohol (so you can safely feed it to kids)! It also doesn't contain animal derivatives. This also doesn't contain any MSG!
  • Serving suggestion: 
    Mix 200G of Karaage Batter Mix with 200G of water for 1KG of ingredient.
    Deep fry at 170 deg until cooked.
  • Please keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Ingredients: wheat flour, tapioca starch, sugar, salt, ginger powder, garlic powder, white pepper, paprika powder, INS500(ii). Allergens: Wheat, Sulphur Dioxide.

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