Niigata Koshihikari Rice (Rinse Free) / 新潟無洗米

  • $18.80
  • Air-flown from Japan
  • 2KG per pack
  • Niigata prefecture is best known as Japan's prefecture of superior quality rice and Sakes. 
  • If you are a rice lover, you would know that Niigata's rice stand out as the most well-known and best loved rice in Japan. This rice is widely consumed in Japan, where it is also popularly used in preparing sushi or any other Japanese dish.
  • To save the environment (and your bills), this Niigata rice is polished so that no washing is required. All you need is just to add water and you're ready to have it cooked! (Or if you have the habit of washing, just once will do)
  • On how to cook and prepare rice, refer to our post.