Nagasaki Hon Maguro Wild Caught Chutoro Sashimi-grade / 長崎県の真まぐろ 中とろ

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This came highly recommended by our Maguro vendor for its clean taste. (Our maguro vendor also supplies the same Nagasaki Maguro to the better known sushi restaurants in Singapore ^^)

We've currently only listed the Chutoro because it is just simply amazing -- it's fatty (almost as fatty as an Ootoro) but not cloying. 

We are also proud to share that we are the only ones in Singapore to sell Maguro from Nagasaki to home users. Taste the difference yourself. 

  • 350~460G per piece, good for 3~5 pax 
  • Why is this available everyday?
    As this is supplied to (only the top-end) Japanese restaurants in Singapore, these are flown in 4 times every week so there is a constant supply of them. 
  • What is the difference between this and other Chutoro?
    1. This is Northern Bluefin wild caught tuna from Nagasaki waters while the other is a Southern Bluefin wild caught Tuna. Both are wild caught and are sold at Toyosu Market. We do not deal with tuna from other countries. 
    2. Fatty level & taste. We find this a lot cleaner in taste, i.e. less acidity. 
  • Sashimi-grade, air-flown from Japan
  • Chutoro is the fattier variant of Akami and is light red/pink in colour
  • It is the fatty red flesh between Akami and Ootoro layers
  • Best consumed in sushi, as sashimi or chirashi
  • Note: This comes with a thin strip of skin that comes off easily by using a knife (easier than most fishes because it is a hard skin). We cannot remove the skin for you as we will need to thaw it. We do not thaw fishes for our customers for freshness' sake.
  • Flash frozen for freshness. Even if it is a frozen item, we recommend that you don't store it frozen for more than 3 days upon receipt. Chutoro is NOT treated with any chemicals or smoke to retain colour, so it WILL oxidize (change in colour) if kept for too long. We only fly this in upon order precisely for this reason. 
  • Note: Sashimi grade fishes has to be flash frozen at -40°C. The process kills parasitic worms that fish are host to but doesn’t break down the flesh, so the meat remains fresh.
  • By order only; air-flown items will be flown in every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays (unless otherwise stated) upon order only. We do not keep stock of perishables.

Method 1 (Longer Method):

- Prepare lukewarm water (50°C) and add in salt

- Rinse the frozen Chutoro/Ootoro

- Pat dry with Kitchen Napkin and wrap it with new Kitchen Napkin

- Thaw it in the chiller for 5-6 hours or until thawed


Method 2 (Quicker Method):

- Prepare lukewarm water (50°C) and add in salt

- Rinse the frozen Chutoro/Ootoro

- Pat dry with Kitchen Napkin

- Put it into a clean Ziplock Bag and remove air

- Tighten the plastic bag to ensure it's air-tight

- Submerge the plastic bag into a bowl of ice water. Remove any ice cubes that are stuck on to the plastic bag.

- Remove the Chutoro/Ootoro once it's thawed. It should take around 2 hours.