Murata Wagyu Yakiniku Slices / 和牛肉焼肉

  • $18.50

The Murata Wagyu is a crossbreed between the Japanese Black (Wagyu) Male and a Holstein Female to produce a well-marbled beef that is delicious without being overly cloying. 

店長さん's Note: We opened the package once thawed, added some Yakiniku sauce into the tray covering the meat, left it for approximately 15min to soak the sauce and grilled it. So. Good. We cried. 

  • Product of Japan, Hyogo prefecture
  • 100G per tray, 9 ~ 11 pieces 
  • Suitable for BBQ, Yaki Niku don, Grilled 
  • Flash frozen for freshness 
  • Due to premium quality of product, to ensure freshness, this product is best consumed within 5 days once opened/thawed.
  • Note: There may be uneven colour on the meats but it is normal. It doesn't affect the quality, texture or taste of the meats. It is not a discoloration or oxidation.