Moranbon Negi Shio Soup Base / ねぎ塩鍋スープ

  • $7.80

Made with domestic chicken dashi, this chicken shio soup base is perfect for preparing a Tori Nabe or just a simple steamboat soup base!

  • 750G per pack
  • One pack is good for 3~4 pax
  • Adding water to this isn't necessary, but you may adjust accordingly to your taste by adding some. 
  • How to make Tori Nabe (for 3~4 pax): Chicken meat or Pork Meat (250G~300G), Napa Cabbage, Naganegi (leek), Mushrooms, Tofu. Cut ingredients, assemble ingredients in pot, add soup base, light the fire and let it come to a boil. Easy!
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