Mentaiko MayoNICE / 明太子マヨナイス

  • $9.50

Zairyo proudly presents our very own flavoured Mayonnaise in 2 of our favourite flavours - Mentaiko and Wasabi! 

We’ve had requests for these for so many years that we’ve decided to make our own! And because we’re Zairyo, we’ve made it with real ingredients that you can taste in this Mayo.

Enjoy it with fried food, on Sashimi (you can torch it!!), in Pasta (to make a creamy Mentai Pasta) or on Tamagoyaki!!

The tangy flavor of Mayo complements the richness of Mentaiko!

  • Net weight: 220G 
  • Storage: Store away from direct heat and sunlight. Once opened, please keep chilled and consume as soon as possible.
  • Allergens: Egg, Soy and Apple.
  • Ingredients: Edible Vegetable Oil, Water, Sugar, Mentaiko, Egg Yolk, Vinegar, Spices / Seasoning (Amino), Apple Sours, Pear Extract, Lemon Extract, Soy Sauce, Seafood Seasoning (Water, Dried Bonito, Dried Saba, Kelp, Salt), Spices Extract.
  • Produced in China for Zairyo Singapore