[MARKET SPECIAL] Konishi Murasaki Uni 小西商店うに

  • $179.00

店長さん's Note: This came highly recommended by our partner at the Uni Auction and trust us - WE KNOW how good it is. It's been a while since we've seen it at the Auction and we had to get it! Thanks to our partner, we've managed to get it at a special deal too ;) 

  • APPROX 250G per box
  • Price is for 1 Box 
  • Murasaki Uni, now in season! Grade A, direct off the Uni Auction!
  • Only for delivery 7 JUL~14 JUL 2022. 
  • Best consumed in sushi, as sashimi, chirashi, wrapped in nori as a snack or as a pasta for dinner
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