Maguro (Tuna) Sashimi-grade / 鮪

  • $12.90

  • 2 or more $11.50 each
  • 200G ~ 250G per piece
  • AAA Sashimi-grade, air-flown
  • Raw material: Fresh Tuna from Vietnam
  • Skinless, boneless (but still be careful when handling)
  • Red tuna commonly used in sushi, sashimi, Poke Bowls or in chirashi
  • It is dark red and located closer to the center of the tuna
  • Flash frozen for freshness (Product will reach you frozen, we do not provide slicing services as sliced sashimi should be consumed within 2 hours after slicing and this is easy for you to do it yourself)
  • Note: Sashimi grade fishes has to be flash frozen at -40°C. The process kills parasitic worms that fish are host to but doesn’t break down the flesh, so the meat remains fresh.