Kyushu Fresh Fish Box (Air-flown & Sashimi-grade!)

  • $218.00

Upcoming Air Cargo : Thursday 20 Jun

Order within 07:40:39 to be in time for the upcoming air cargo on Thursday 20 Jun
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These value-for-money fish boxes are usually supplied to sushi restaurants for their great variety! Each fish box features the season's finest. You'll only find seasonal fishes in these boxes. Some fishes that was sent to us are Kinmedai, Tai, Saba, Aji, Kamasu, Katsuo, Kawahagi, Suzuki, Ako, Isaki, Renkodai, Hobo etc.

U.P. $260! 

  • Direct from Kyushu prefecture
  • Our fishes are flown in fresh, never frozen (only when you order it!). NOTE: We will provide an ID for the fishes in the box once we have the information of the catch that day so you will know the name of the fishes. 
  • Fishes are sashimi-grade 
  • Great as sashimi, sushi or grilled!
  • 4~6 fishes per box, each fish is approximately 750~1200G.*
  • Fishes are caught live and processed on the same day. 
  • Fishes are all scaled and gutted.* 
  • !!!! We do not do slicing or filleting to preserve the freshness of the fishes. !!!!

    ** PLEASE READ **
  • As only seasonal fishes are included in the box, some fishes may weigh more OR less than the stated weight range. When that happens, the fish vendor may add some fishes that fall below the stated weight range so the average of the box balances out. I.E. If one of the fish is 700G, another fish may be 400-500G. We do not do refunds or exchanges for such cases. 
  • Please note that not all fishes are gutted. This is based on the fisherman's expertise - for fishes that SHOULDN'T be gutted, it will not be gutted. 
  • As the fishes are picked based on the day's catch, we cannot request for any specific fish to be in the box. If there is a specific fish you want, please purchase it separately. There are only fishes in the box - no clams, prawns, crabs, etc.