Kyogi Bafun Uni / きょぎうに

  • $208.00

Upcoming Air Cargo : Monday 28 Sep

Next Air Cargo : Tuesday 29 Sep
Order within 47:50:03 to be in time for the upcoming air cargo.

  • While on our trip in 2017 to check on the Uni, this was one of the three brands that came highly recommended to us by the Uni specialist we work with! You can only find this on ZAIRYO. 
  • 250G per pack
  • Japanese farmed local Uni, grade A
  • Note: Unlike Murasaki Uni, the "uglier" or darker Aka/Bafun Uni is, the tastier. The prettier ones are usually from Canada and are processed a lot. We do not carry non-Japanese Uni. 
  • Why is yours better?
  • We have been working with the vendors at Toyosu Market for over 15 years now. Gaining access to the Uni auction just means that we get first dibs on the best quality Uni for the day at the best price range. Everything else then gets passed on to the Uni vendors at the Toyosu Market and all around the world after the auction. 
  • What grade is your Uni?
  • Grade A. Not all Uni get to be in the Uni auction, only Uni of Grade A gets into the auction.
  • In the event that this brand is not available during the time of purchase or of a good quality, our Uni Specialists at the auction will choose something on a similar taste profile, grade and price range to replace. Do not proceed if you cannot accept this.