Kuruma Ebi (Tiger Prawn) / 車海老 (Comes in 3 sizes)

  • $22.50
Kuruma Ebi Size
  • Why are our prawns better?
    Unlike most frozen prawns in the market, these are live frozen. Which means that they are blast frozen when the prawns are still alive -- not dead. This makes them taste as good as when you order them live! 
  • 1KG per pack
  • The tiger prawns come in two sizes: Large and Jumbo
  • The Large packs are approximately 21 to 25 pieces per KG depending on the size of the prawns.
  • The Jumbo packs are approximately 8 to 10 pieces per KG depending on the size of the prawns.
  • Dry-packed and flash frozen once caught from the ocean to preserve freshness.
  • Ready stock available for delivery within 24 hours
  • How to Thaw (as adviced by the farm): 1. Thaw the prawns slowly in the chiller. 2. If you want to thaw it quicker, thaw the prawns from frozen in iced water. 
  • Not for sashimi
  • Best cooked in boiling water, grilled or fried
  • The most stunning prawns for steamboats and BBQs
  • These prawns are from a trusted farm in Malaysia. They are so good that we supply them to Japanese restaurants here! For air-flown Japanese Kuruma Ebi, please drop us an email at enquiries@zairyo.sg for seasonal prices. They won't be this affordable. Thank you! 
  • Refer to picture for size difference between Kuruma Ebi and normal prawns

    For wholesale enquiries, please drop us an email at sales@zairyo.sg