Kunihiro Japanese Sashimi-grade Oysters / 広島生食用牡蠣

  • $14.90
  • Flash-frozen for freshness
  • Sashimi-grade, suitable for raw consumption
  • Large sized oysters from Japan's largest Oyster producer.
  • The oysters go through a series of advanced inspections and tests to ensure optimum safety and freshness.
  • The oysters for raw consumption are purified with alkaline electrolysed water to kill bacteria, remove surface dirt and offensive smells.
  • Suitable for sashimi, shabu shabu, kaki fry, etc. 
  • 1KG value pack and 250G pack
  • 250G has approx 5~7 pieces
    Keep frozen. Rinse before use. Thaw only quantity needed, do not refreeze once thawed. Consume thawed oyster within 2 hours as sashimi, otherwise please cook it.
  • Ready stock available for delivery within 24 hours
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