Kokuou Wagyu A4 Ribeye Cap Shabu Shabu / 旨皇A4 和牛肉しゃぶしゃぶ

  • $29.80

KOKUOU ('Meat Emperor') is the Japanese black cattle that is grown in Kumamoto Prefecture, that is very highly valued due to its scarcity and quality.

The name “KOKU” represents “delicious” and “OU” refers to “Emperor”. The drinking water for cattle is a clear natural water that comes from Mount Aso in Kumamoto, which is well-known worldwide for its caldera. By introducing long-term fattening (shipping months; 28months), it has built a mature well-aged beef production.

  • Premium A4 100% Pure Bred Wagyu
  • 100G per tray
  • Suitable for BBQ, steamboats and shabu shabu
  • Flash frozen for freshness 
  • Due to premium quality of product, to ensure freshness, this product is best consumed within 5 days once opened/thawed.
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