Kinmemai Better Brown Rice (Rinse Free) / 金芽米無洗米

  • $10.50

The world’s first health-inspired Japanese-made, rinse-free gourmet rice.

Imported from Japan, Kinmemai is a gourmet specialty rice unlike any other.

Manufactured through the patented Kinmemai process, which enhances both the taste and nutrition of tender rice grains, it will please both the gourmands and the nutrition-minded alike.

  • Product of Japan
  • 100% Kinumusume from Shimane Prefecture
  • 1KG per pack
  • No rinse or washing is required.
  • Suitable for everyday use, sushi rice and porridge
  • About Kinmemai Better Brown Rice: Those who find conventional brown rice rough and dry will be glad to know that Kinmemai Better Brown has a smooth texture and the taste is indistinguishable from white rice.
  • Kinmemai Better BrownTM brings more to the table than just the chestnut hue and nutritional values of brown rice. With the Kinmemai Better Brown, only the wax layer is removed which results in an irresistibly fluffier, easier to digest and quicker-to-cook brown rice.