Katsuobushi Cup (Bonito Flakes Edible Cups) / 鰹節カップ

  • $18.50

What is more environmentally-friendly than a reusable bento cup/separator? An edible one! 

These are suitable for making cute bentos or even simply enjoyed as a canape! Imagine popping one of these seaweed cups filled with Unagi or Takoyaki!  

It takes a lot of research, trial and error, practice and skill to make these Katsuobushi cups! 

  • Product of Japan
  • 15 pieces per container
  • Please keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool dry place.
  • NOTE: They don’t hold well for long as they’re meant mostly for dry food/bentos. They hold for 10-15 min max. Please remember that they are made from Katsuobushi and are not real cups.