Kaneyo Black Special Bafun Uni

  • $488.00

Upcoming Air Cargo : Thursday 06 Oct

Order within 20:26:49 to be in time for the upcoming air cargo on Thursday 06 Oct
Next Air Cargo : Friday 07 Oct


We just had to have these the moment we saw it appear at the Uni auction. These are seldom available and are only available in very, very limited quantities. 

*NOTE: Please place your order 8 days before your preferred airflown date. Example, if you want it on Monday, you have to place your order latest by the previous Wednesday.  

  • Other than being packed in a beautiful traditional Japanese Washi on lacquer box, the Uni packed are considered ‘Special Grade’ also known as SP at the Uni Auction. 
  • Note: Image is for illustration purposes only. The size of the lobes are dependent on the catch of the week and cannot be uniform. It varies and may sometimes come bigger (which means lesser pieces in a box), or smaller in size (which means more pieces in a box).
  • Airflown only
  • 250G per box 
  • Bafun Uni 
  • How to store Uni: Keep chilled in the Chiller. NOT Freezer. We do not freeze our Uni. They are delivered fresh chilled.