Japanese Curry Roux (Halal)

  • $18.50

Here's one for our Muslim friends! We know there are Halal-friendly Japanese curry that still doesn't hold the Halal certification, so here's one that actually does! 

  • Produced by House Foods Japan in Indonesia, House Foods is Japan's largest food manufacturers and brands for Japanese curry. 
  • Why choose Halal (if I'm not Muslim)? 
    What this means for you is that this product doesn't contain alcohol (so you can safely feed it to kids)! It also doesn't contain animal derivatives, so if you're looking for a meat-free curry, this works for you. 
  • Japanese recipe, made in Indonesia
  • 935G, breaks into 10 roux pieces, each roux piece makes curry for 5 pax.
  • Please keep at room temperature, away from heat
  • Ingredients:  Vegetable oil, wheat flour, sugar, salt, curry powder, spices, flavour enhancer (MSG), Food Colouring Caramel Class I, Soy Protein, Acidity Regulator (citric acid), glucose, synthetic flavour. Contains gluten, soy and sulphates. 
  • Please note that curry does not come with meat. 
  • Follow instructions on box to make curry! Enjoy~

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