INIC Guatemala Single Origin Coffee Powder Sachets (12P)

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Enjoy a cup of 'Japanese dripped coffee' in just 5 seconds with INIC's coffee powder sachets!

INIC Coffee, which stands for "It's Not Instant Coffee", is a renowned coffee shop 
that specializes in high quality, powdered coffee.

A blessed climate and a rich earth - Guatemala, one of the world's leading coffee producers. Among them, only the highest grade "SHB" was carefully selected.

These coffee powders don't come with creamers, sugar or sweeteners -- just coffee straight up! This powder can be easily dissolved in hot water and cold water too~

1. Iced or hot, "The Premium Fine Granular Powder" makes each cup ready in five seconds! Using a special technique, the coffee liquid is turned into a very fine mist and dried in an instant, making them incredible fine powder. The difference between INIC Coffee and other instant coffee is evident in its solubility - five seconds in hot/cold water - you can enjoy an authentic cup of coffee without a hassle.

2. No cloudiness,  unpleasantness or bitterness
Regular instant coffee is usually extracted with high heat and under harsh conditions,
which makes the coffee cloudy and bitter. INIC coffee has solved this issue by carefully 
selecting the best Arabica coffee beans and calculating the most effective
extraction speed and temperature. The painstaking processes can only achieve the ideal flavor of INIC coffee. 

3. No colorings, fragrance or additives
INIC coffee's only ingredients are coffee beans and dextrin. Dextrins are carbohydrate strains produced by the hydrolysis of starch and one of the most common forms of natural carbohydrates. INIC Coffee is safe in every sense of the world.

4. Day or Night -  The Flavor You'll Never Get Tired Of
A medium body with well-balanced acidity and bitterness, INIC Coffee is perfect for any time of the day. The aroma of top note when you make a fresh cup is
something you'll never get tired of. 

  • Contents: 48G (4G x 12 sachets)
  • Makes 12 cups of coffee!
  • Ingredients: Coffee beans (Guatemala), dexterin 
  • Product of Japan
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