Hokkaido Potato Tater Tots Mini Hash Brown / 北海道産ミニハッシュドポテト

  • $3.90

Hokkaido may be known for its seafood and Kombu, but one of their other prized crop has got to be their flavorful potatoes

  • 220G per packet
  • Comes frozen. Not thawing required.
  • Made with potatoes 100% from Hokkaido, salt, ham oil, spices.
  • How to heat:
    Microwave (half packet)
    500W: 2Min  / 600W: 1min50s

    Oven Toaster / Oven / Air-frying
    200°C for 10~15min after pre-heating

    Pan-frying / Deep-frying
    Fry until it is golden brown and crispy.
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