Hitotoki Sparkling Junmai Sake 六歌仙 ひととき 純米 白

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店長さん's Note: Our current obsession is with Sparkling Sakes. What used to be taboo for SS (ahem, Sake Snobs) is now something that Sake breweries aim to perfect. And the result of that is satisfyingly refreshing Sake that is dangerously easy to drink, especially in Singapore! This particular Sparkling Sake was awarded with Grand Gold Medal by The Fine Sake Award in Japan, 2014, then subsequently served onboard ANA's First Class (which happens to also be our favourite airline). Since nobody is going to travel in the next coming months, we hope this will give you the "Inspiration of Japan", connecting you from home to Japan. 

ひととき(Hitotoki) – “to record & capture a passing moment” was crafted to enjoy the supreme bliss of the moment! Mildly sweet on the entry, with a somewhat tart and dry finish. Natural in-bottle fermentation yields fine bubbles for an elegant mouthfeel.

Brewery: Rokkasen, Yamagata ㈱六歌仙, 山形
Alcohol: 8%
Net Vol: 180ML
Rice: Haenuki はえぬき
Rice Polishing: 70%
SMV: -5.5
Acidity: 5.5


Founded 1972

Yamagata prefecture produces some of Japan’s best & most renowned sakes. A confluence of various elements would account for that; exceptionally soft & clean water, long, cold and bitter winters - the perfect climate for sake brewing and the relentless pursuit to brew sakes of outstanding quality.

5 small breweries made a decision in 1972 to pool together their resources so that collectively, they could offer sakes of a much higher quality. Today, Rokkasen ranks among one of Yamagata’s best, with impressive accolades and in 2014, the Hitotoki Sparkling Junmai was selected to be served onboard ANA First Class cabin.

A thoughtful balance, where fresh & progressive technology is introduced alongside time-honored brewing traditions provides Rokkasen with a platform to offer an inventive & quality driven product range.

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