[HIGHLY RECOMMENDED] Wild-Caught Sashimi-Grade Scampi (3PC)

  • $38.50

店長さん's Note: This is our current obsession, to put it lightly -- we're crazy about this. We've had Scampi on the site before, but they weren't Sashimi-grade, and definitely nothing like this. All we had to sample was 1 Scampi (sliced and shared amongst 3) and we ordered cartons of them the same day. We sliced them into chunks and had it without any soy sauce or condiments, and we were blown away by the Umami and how clean the taste was on the palate. It is softer than raw lobster, sweeter than Botan Ebi. This is one of the rare items that we'd be completely at ease with if it doesn't sell -- your loss, our gain (our CFO would think otherwise -- sorry!). 

What is Scampi? A small member of the clawed lobster family and easily recognised by its pink and orange banded shell, scampi live in burrows on the New Zealand seafloor, 200 to 800 metres deep. Scampi are a rare delicacy and highly sought after. Its white, meaty flesh is sweet and delicate and is lovely baked, barbequed, marinated or served raw as sashimi.

  • Sustainably caught from the oceans 
  • Packed & Flash-Frozen at Sea, Clean & Natural 
  • 3PC per packet, 90G~110G PER PC
  • Product of Australia
  • How to prepare as Sashimi:
    1. Thaw Scampi
    2. Holding the side of the head, twist and remove head. 
    3. Using a pair of scissors, starting from where the head used to be, cut the shell on the under side of the Scampi.
    4. Once you're done cutting the shell, peel the shell to loosen up the meat.
    5. Once the shell is opened up enough, you can try pulling out the meat gently. 
    6. If the vein doesn't get removed when you pull out the meat, devein the Scampi as you would with normal prawns. 
    7. Slice into bite-sized chunks and serve as is, or with Shoyu and Wasabi. 
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