Fresh Frozen Ramen Noodles / ラーメン

  • $2.80

Unlike the Ramen you get in the market that's baked or fried, this ramen is flash frozen once it's freshly made so you don't get the taste of oil or any artificial flavours. 

  • Product of Japan
  • Commercial value pack: 5 pieces per pack, 10 servings. 
  • Also sold in a trial pack of 1 piece (serves 2). 
  • Each piece of Ramen can be broken easily into 2. 
  • Frozen for freshness
  • How to cook: add to boiling water for approximately 10-20secs or until al dente. 
  • You can use a soup base, some pork belly or collar and make your own ramen! Or simply stir-fried
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