Chiyogiku Monaka Shell / Wafer Biscuit Shell

  • $7.50

A Zairyo Exclusive. Produced by a Monaka specialty shop of over 140 years in Kanazawa, they pride themselves for the best Monakas in Japan as every piece is handmade by a Shokunin. No machines.

These Monakas have been distributed and widely used all over Japan -- they can be used in savoury dishes or in desserts. 

As such, please allow some uneven colours or textures as they are handmade wafer biscuits. Please see picture of 'uneven' colour that is inevitable due to the coating of the Monaka pan. 

  • Made in Japan
  • Comes in a resealable bag. Please note that these aren't individually packed as we've opted for an eco-friendlier version.
  • Value pack of 8 pieces, 4 sets. 2 halves = 1 set.
  • W67mm×D67mm×H10mm per piece of Monaka. 
  • Ingredients: Japanese Sweet Rice Flour (Domestic), Water
  • Please keep away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. 直射日光、高温多湿を避けてください
  • There is no flavour to this. It is a wafer biscuit. 
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