Nama Chocolate Daifuku 4PC *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* 生チョコレート大福

  • $9.50
Daifuku Packaging

Now available in a beautiful, food-safe, natural wood box, too. Choose the packaging option you prefer!

Gifting Pro Tip: If you wish to give it as a gift, it can stay out for approx. 2 hours. But please keep chilled and do not re-freeze. It won't melt but it tastes best chilled. 

店長さん's Note: It was love at first bite for us 4 years ago. And we have constantly thought of it since. We are so happy and honoured to have it on our site and sharing this with you, finally. These gems are made with Nama Chocolate. It comes frozen so you can store it in your freezer for months and thaw one piece whenever you feel like having it. Once thawed, this Daifuku is soft and chewy on the outside with a cacao powder dust, in the middle, a sweet cream surrounding a dark chocolate truffle. So. Good. We hope you enjoy this too~ You can store it in the chiller overnight if you wish, it isn't ice cream so it won't melt. 

  • 50G per piece, 4PC per pack
  • Delivered frozen. Please thaw for at least 15~20 minutes before having it or it will be HARD. 
  • Product of Hokkaido, Japan
  • Ingredients: Mizuame (Japan Domestic), Chocolate Spread A (Milk, Egg), Mochi Flour, Sugar, Dairy, Vegetable Oil, Milk, Cacao Powder, Fragrance (contains dairy and soy), Sorbitol, Glycerin, Metarin.
  • No alcohol, lard or gelatin.