Hamada Japanese All-Purpose Shoyu (Halal)

  • $3.60

Zairyo is proud to present Hamada Shoyu - a Shoyu House with a 2-decade long history of naturally brewing soy sauce in Japan. Established in 1818 since the Bunsei era, Hamadaya soy sauces are a class of their own as they are naturally brewed following a 200-year old time-tested family recipe. 

This soy sauce is smooth and full-bodied, classic japanese soy sauce that's a favourite of connoisseurs. A highly versatile condiment that complements any dish well.

  • Halal-certified (No alcohol)
  • What it's for: For cooking, braising, stewing, dipping for Sashimi/Sushi 
  • 300ML per bottle
  • Keep away from direct heat and sunlight
  • Allergens: Soybeans, wheat. 
  • Made in Malaysia. For Hamada Shoyu that's made and bottled in Japan, please find it here and here.
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