Go! Go! Curry

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Of all the curry カーレ chains in Tokyo, Go! Go! Curry is one of our favourites and it brings back memories of chowing down their black curry at their first Singapore store at the basement of ION Orchard. 

So we just had to bring these in. 

Originating from Ishikawa prefecture, Go! Go! Curry features a thick, black curry that's unlike the artificially sweet Japanese curries that we are more acquainted with. It is more on the savoury side and it goes perfectly with a hot bowl of rice and crispy deep fried food. 

  • This is an original item from the Go! Go! Curry store in Japan. 
  • Limited stock in stores, we will be taking pre-orders once it is out of stock
  • Direct import from Japan, product of Japan
  • Original flavour
  • Each box contains 2 packs/servings (155G x 2)
  • Please keep at room temperature, away from heat
  • Ingredients: pork, onions, flour, lard, sugar, tomato ketchup, condensed milk, coconut milk, salt, spices, curry powder, Worcestershire sauces, soybean, apple and gelatin as part of raw materials. 
  • Please note that curry does not come with meat. We've got Panko Ebi to go with the curry! 
  • If you're lazy and just need a quick meal, pair this with instant Japanese rice. Or cook your own with high quality Akita Komachi rice.
  • Directions: remove pack from box, put pack (without opening the pack) into boiling water for 3~5min. 
    Or you may choose to empty the curry into a bowl and microwave on 500W for 1min30s (please be careful when retrieving hot bowl).
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