Fundodai Tomei Shoyu (Transparent Soy Sauce) / 透明醤油

  • $8.80

Zairyo is proud to present Fundodai Goyo's Transparent Soy Sauce. Launched in Feb 2019, the special Transparent Soy Sauce was created to celebrate the brand's 150th anniversary.

Through a specially developed method, Fundodai Goyo succeeded in creating a transparent soy sauce which still has all the rich and full flavor of honjōzō shōyu 本醸造醤油 authentically brewed soy sauce.

Why transparent?
The use of Transparent Soy Sauce creates a fresh appearance. It retains the same flavour without changing the appearance and colour of food. (See picture of the Maguro Don) The marbling to the texture of the fish, the natural colors of the tuna are easier to see.

  • Proud product of Kumamoto prefecture
  • Made and bottled in Kumamoto, Japan
  • What it's for: For cooking, for dipping. 
  • 100ML per bottle
  • Keep away from direct heat and sunlight
  • Content: 100 ml
  • Ingredients: Soy sauce distillate, salt, brewed vinegar, seasoning (amino acids, others), trehalose [a sugar], alcohol (may contain soy beans and wheat)
  • About Fundodai Goyo: Fundodai Goyo Inc has been making high quality soy sauce and miso products, earning a national reputation for excellence and growing steadily throughout the years to become the number one producer in Kumamoto.