Fresh Green Ume (Plum) 500G / 青梅 Ao Ume

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NOTE 29 JUN 2022: The Ao Ume season is over (that means we don't have any because the market doesn't have any). Please leave your email below, or follow our social media pages to be notified when it is back in season next year!

Simple Umeshu recipe below! There are many recipes online and we think you should tweak it to your liking. It is, after all, your very own Umeshu ;) 

  • Produce of 神奈川(Kanagawa) 小田原(Odawara)産。
  • You can use this to make Umeshu or pickled plums. Scroll below for Shochu.
  • Sold in APPROX. 500G per packet (note: there may be a difference of 40~60G due to moisture loss, it is all pre-packed at Toyosu Market).
  • *Please note that some plums may have some shade of red/yellow (this is normal) and will continue to turn red if kept longer. This is not a defect. There may be brown / red marks on the plums, these are NOT defects nor bruises, and are completely natural. 
  • In the same way that a baby will eventually grow into a toddler, growth is inevitable and unstoppable. Green plums naturally turn red when they are about to ripen. 
  • To ripen the plums further, keep them in a paper bag and store at room temperature. 

Simple Umeshu Recipe:

1 x 500G Ao Ume, Green Plums
1 x 400G~500G Crystal Rock Sugar 
1 x 900ML Shochu, or any Vodka, “white liquor”, or any distilled spirit/liquor above 35% ABV.

1. Wash and dry plums thoroughly. Remove stems (optional).
2. Add plums in a single layer in the glass jar. Cover plums with rock sugar, and repeat until it's all in the jar.
3. Pour your alcohol of choice into the jar.
4. Seal and write the day's date on the jar, and store in a cool, dark place (no refrigerator).

Enjoy in a year! (Or at least 6 months if you can't wait)

*For larger quantities, simply adjust the quantity of the other ingredients according to the amount of Plums.*

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