Fresh Green Ume (Plum) 500G / 青梅 Ao Ume

  • $35.00

  • 2 or more $33.00 each
  • Fresh Ume plums now in season ~ 
  • Produce of 神奈川(Kanagawa) 小田原(Odawara)産。
  • You can use this to make Umeshu or pickled plums. Scroll below for Shochu.
  • Sold in 500G per packet (approximately).
  • *Please note that some plums may have some shade of red/yellow (this is normal) and will continue to turn red if kept longer. This is not a defect. There may be brown / red marks on the plums, these are NOT defects nor bruises, and are completely natural. 
  • In the same way that a baby will eventually grow into a toddler, growth is inevitable and unstoppable. Green plums naturally turn red when they are about to ripen. 
  • To ripen the plums further, keep them in a paper bag and store at room temperature. 
  • By order only; we don't hold stocks for these. We will fly these in ONLY when you place an order. 
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