Fresh Brioche Lobster Roll Bread (Hot Dog Rolls)

  • $7.80

We've got quality lobster meats for lobster rolls but we were just missing the other important part of the roll: bread. And we think the best bread for lobster rolls have got to be Brioche. It's soft enough to bite into while still holding its shape; it's buttery and fragrant which complements the lobster meat; and the little buttery crunch when you toast it... Mm, YAAAAAAAS!!!!!

You can heat them up in the toaster oven at 180 for about 1 min (after preheating), but what we like to do is to use the remnant butter in the pan (after heating lobster meat) to pan sear the roll on both sides until they are slightly brown.

Make sure to do this on low heat so the bun doesn't get too burnt!

  • Proudly made in Singapore, Japanese recipe
  • 4 buns per pack, length: 18CM 
  • Shelf life: at least 5 days including delivery day