Daiichi Iceplantze Plant-Based Mochi Ice Cream - Soymilk Yuzu

  • $3.20

Suuuuper soft Mochi with a plant-based ice cream center, the ice cream is dairy-free and suitable for Vegans! This is delicious, even for non-Vegans. 

This guilt-free little treat doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners or synthetic coloring, and it is blended with Inulin, a dietary fiber that improves the intestinal environment. With Inulin, sugar is suppressed and calories are reduced by 15% compared to conventional products.

Pure soymilk is used for the cream part instead of dairy products. You can enjoy the taste and flavor of the soybeans. The center is filled with a sauce containing yuzu peel.

NOTE: Please let it sit for 3~4 minutes before consumption so that the Mochi can be soft.

  • Product of Japan
  • Net Weight: 80ML
  • The cream part contains 5% inulin (dietary fiber).


Maltese Sugar ( domestic production), Soymilk (including soybeans) , Yuzu Sauce (Yuzu peel, sugar), glutinous flour, water candy, honey-containing sugar, vegetable oil, inulin (dietary fiber), sugar, cornstarch, salt / trehalose, emulsifier, stabilizer (thickening formula), fragrance