Ebara Torigara Tsuyu Steamboat Soup Base (Zairyo Team's Fav)

  • $6.30

Based on chicken broth and pure brewed soy sauce, the flavors of flavored vegetables were combined, and the flavors of rice vinegar and chili oil were combined to tighten the taste, creating a delicious taste.

店長さん's Note: We didn't intend to have this on our site as we have enough steamboat soup bases, until we tried a sample that was lying around in the office. The smell of the soup was enough to whet our appetites, then we tried it. We liked it. We want it. We got it. We highly recommend this. Each packet comes with 2 individual soup pouches, each pouch is to be added with 350ML (we added 500ML) and is good for 2~4 pax. 

  • 200G (100G x 2 sachets), serves 2 pax
  • Add one sachet to 350ML (or our recommended 500ML) of water for 1 pax.
  • Ingredient: Ingredient name/ soy sauce (manufactured domestically), Chicken Extract, Salt, soybean oil, sugar, fragrant chilli oil, rice vinegar, garlic, amino extract, sesame oil, protein hydrolyzate, pepper / Seasonings (amino acids), caramel pigments, thickeners (xanthan gum)
  • Allergens: wheat, sesame, soybeans, chicken