Dassai 23 Junmai Daiginjo 720ML

  • $140.00

Widely held as one of the most polished sakes in Japan, the Dassai 23 is also recognized as the best sake’s around as it pushes the limits of rice polishing. Getting the rice grains to 23% of their original size takes time, but is well worth it and in a class by itself. 

  • Made in Yamaguchi, Japan
  • Taste profile: Rich & Sweet
  • ABV: 14%
  • Polishing: 23%
  • Recommended pairing: Seafood dishes. Dishes with root vegetables. Creamy Dishes, as is. Serve chilled. 
  • Rice: Yamada Nishiki
  • Does not come with box
  • Awards: International Wine Challenge 2013 Trophy (DASSAI 23)
    International Sake Challenge 2013 Best Junmai Daiginjo (DASSAI 23)
    International Sake Challenge 2012 Best Junmai Daiginjo (DASSAI 23)
    Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition 2012 Best of class sake (DASSAI 23)
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