Dashimen Yuzu Shio Ramen ( Yuzu Dashi Instant Noodles)

  • $2.80

The Dashimen Yuzu Shio Ramen features a refreshing soup base that's made with Yuzu from Kochi prefecture and it reminds us of a particular Ramen in Tokyo that's famous for their Yuzu ramen soup base too. ;) 

To ensure that you get to enjoy the natural taste of fresh noodles, the noodles are made from Hokkaido Flour, not fried but air dried. 

  • How to cook: Bring 500ML of water to a boil, lower heat to medium, add noodles and cook for approx 4.5 minutes. Add soup base. Optional: Add sliced Negi or napa cabbage, marinated pork collar
  • 102G per pack