Daiichi Shokuhin Mochimore Tiramisu

  • $3.20

We know we had to try this out once we hear about it. Kinako dusted on top of the Daifuku, Matcha ice cream under the Mochi, with a Kuromitsu Syrup center. MUSIC TO OUR EARS, PARTY IN OUR MOUTHS.

It is one big piece in one packet, we think you can share between two but it's going to be messy. Comes with a little fork within. Please let it sit out of the freezer for 3~4 minutes before consumption.

  • Product of Japan
  • Net Weight: 80ML
  • Allergen: Dairy 
  • 店長さん's Note: It sure is soft, but I prefer the Matcha and Kuromitsu, and the Yuzu Amazake Cream Cheese more (in this order).  My colleagues preferred this over the two. To each its own! So I guess if you like your desserts sweet, you'd really like this.