Mandranova Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ML

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店長さん's Note: We've always been on the search for real Olive Oil, especially after reading about fake Olive Oils. Only the real deal is tasty and has real health benefits. We never understood what the big deal was until we've tried this one at a friend's place (used in a roast chicken dish!) and we were sold. It's 100% made in Italy with Nocellara del Belice Italian olives and was most recently minted the Best In Class - Japan Olive Oil Prize 2021. Pure Olive Oil is high in polyphenols, a natural antioxidant. Only the good stuff for our family!

We've also learnt A LOT from our friends who imported this Olive Oil that there's a lot of misinformation on cooking with (real) Extra Virgin Olive Oils -- you CAN cook with EVOO!


Hand-picked in mid-September to the beginning of October, this oil is produced from 100% Nocellara del Belice Italian olives grown on the Mandranova farm and crushed immediately after harvest.

Green with golden hues, the oil is wonderfully fruity with a pleasant fragrance of freshly cut grass, artichokes and tomatoes. 

  • Excellent on tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, tuna, grilled meats, beef carpaccio, pastas, soups and cheeses. It can also be enjoyed simply drizzled on warm toasted bread. 
  • Can be used in cooking, deep frying, baking or as a drizzle on steaks, breads or even ice creams! 
  • REGION: Sicily, Italy
  • 500ML per bottle

Recent International Awards
2020 EVO IOOC - Gold Medal
2020 L'Orciolo d'Oro - Certificate of Quality (Medium Fruity Monovarietal)
2020 Monocultivar Olive Oil - Gold
2020 NYIOOC - Silver
2019 EVO IOOC - Gold
2019 Japan Olive Oil Prize - Monocultivar - Silver
2019 L'Orciolo d'Oro - Medium Fruity Italian - Great Mention
2019 NYIOOC - Silver