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Curry Kits / カレーキット


Kare Raisu (Curry over rice) is an extremely popular dish for all ages in Japan and is considered one of the country’s national dishes along with ramen and gyoza! Japanese curry is thicker, milder, and sweeter compared to Indian or Thai curries, and it is always served with rice.

We've created curry kits that will save you the hassle of purchasing them separately. 

We've included the Kani (Crab) Creamy Croquette in this pack so you could have it as a main protein for your curry rice, instead of adding chicken or beef to your curry. Simply add carrots, onions and potatoes to your curry then drizzle it over rice and fried crab croquette and you will have a meal!

The curry pack consists of:

1 x Curry pack of your choice (3 different spice levels for you to choose from) (Usual Price $6)

1 x Kokuho rice / 2.5KG (Usual Price $9.90)

1 x Kani Creamy Croquette / 25 pieces (Usual Price $19)

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