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Russian White Box Uni / ロシアうに

$48.00 $58.00

  • 100G per pack
  • Direct off the Uni auctions, so you never have to overpay for Uni.
  • Uni is Russian breed from Russia waters, processed in Japan
  • Note: We do not endorse non-Japanese Uni, but we figured that if you enjoy extra large lobes of Uni or simply need something attention-grabbing to top off a dish, this would be it! This is the only non-Japanese Uni on our site. All other Uni are Japanese. 
  • Note: Russian Uni has a slightly bitter note. Please do not compare this to Japanese Uni. It is best paired with Ikura, or used as a topping on Chawanmushi and pastas. We supply these to restaurants as they use it in Bara Chirashi and top on pastas. If you wish to have Uni as sashimi or have a better Uni, please buy only Japanese Uni. 
  • Why is yours better?
    We have been working with the vendors at Tsukiji Market for over 15 years now. Gaining access to the Uni auction just means that we get first dibs on the best quality Uni for the day at the best price range. Everything else then gets passed on to the Uni vendors at the Tsukiji Market and all around the world after the auction. 
  • By order only; flown in 4 times a week. Please refer to our air-flown schedule. 

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