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Uni Everything! 全部うに産物~

Zairyo Sea Urchin Uni Everything

We uni carry the best quality at Zairyo. Sourced from Tsukiji Market, Japan, flown in or shipped over to Singapore right to your door step. If it is good enough for restaurants, it is great for any meal at home! 

We're the only Japanese grocer in Singapore that brings in a variety of different Uni (and only Japanese Uni from Hokkaido - not anywhere else). We recognize that not all Uni are made equal; with a long-standing relationship with Uni vendors at Tsukiji Market, we are promised the best quality at the most affordable prices. 

We do not keep stock of the fresh Uni as they are highly perishable items -- all Uni are flown in fresh upon order only to maintain freshness, so please place your order at least 3 working days in advance. (Uni Paste & Uni Soup are available within 24 hours notice as we have ready stock)

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