Tai Tsumire / Seabream Fish Balls – Zairyo Singapore

Tai Tsumire / Seabream Fish Balls


  • Specially selected from Tsukiji Market for ZAIRYO, a ZAIRYO Exclusive 
  • Proudly made in Japan
  • 12 pieces per pack
  • Please keep in the freezer. Once chilled, you can keep it for 1 week
  • You may freeze it once you've received it as it may come chilled from Tsukiji Market. 
  • Ingredients: Fish Meat (Tai, Tara), vegetable oil, wheat, egg white, flour, fish extract, soy protein, soy sauce, salt/flavoring (amino acid, etc). 
  • Allergens: Contains wheat, soy and egg
  • How to prepare: let it thaw either on the countertop for an hour OR thaw slowly in the fridge overnight. You may either grill it, fry it, or add it to steamboats or oden.
  • By order only; air-flown items will be flown in every Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat (unless otherwise stated). Please refer to the timer on this page for the earliest airflown date or refer to our air-flown schedule.

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