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Dashi Pack (tea bags) / だしパック


  • Proud produce of Japan
  • Each pack contains 10 dashi bags
  • Each dashi bag is 8.8G 
  • Each bag contains: Ichiban Katsuobushi from Kagoshima, Rishiri Kombu from Hokkaido, Shiitake from Miyazaki.
  • A must-have in every Japanese household and essential in Japanese cooking
  • Dashi is a hugely versatile ingredient/cooking stock and is the base for many dishes such as noodle soup and simmered sauces, or mixed with miso paste for miso soup. Made from Katsuobushi Bonito flakes and Konbu kelp strained together, this instant variety is much quick and easier to prepare.
  • How to keep: Keep refrigerated, away from sunlight, heat and moisture. 
  • How to use:
    1 bag (3~5 pax)
    1. Bring a pot of 700~800ML water to a boil, bring water to a simmer and add 1 packet of dashi bag
    2. Simmer for 3~4 minutes
    3. Remove dashi bag and use dashi for your cooking!
  • For Osuimono (soup base; check out our Hamaguri recipe), add one bag to 700~800ML water
  • For Oden, Dashimaki Tamagoyaki or Vegetables, use one bag with 600ML water
  • For cooking (to replace soy sauce), use one bag with 400ML water
  • To make miso soup, use one bag with 800ML water
  • To make Chawanmushi, soup for Soba, Udon or Ten Tsuyu, use one bag with 400ML water
  • Allergens: Soy & Wheat 

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