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Suntory Casked Umeshu


An original Suntory plum liqueur matured over time in toasted casks, finished with whisky aged in plum liqueur barrels.

Enjoy the rich aroma of vanilla and mellow, lingering aftertaste that arise from the toasted casks.

How to drink: To fully enjoy the aroma of the whisky casks and substantial aftertaste, we recommend a simple approach, such as straight or on the rocks. 

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  • 700ML per bottle
  • Colour: Amber
  • Aroma: A deep, fragrant aroma that arise from toasted casks 
  • Palate: Rich taste with a mellow lingering aftertaste 
  • Finish: Finesse, like velvet
  • Alc: 17%
  • Comes in box 

  • About Suntory Umeshu:
    Suntory Casked and Aged Umeshu liqueurs are made in Japan with meticulous care and stored at the Yamazaki distillery, the birth of Japanese whisky. Whisky-makers have refined and handed down their crafts and skills for more than 90 years at the Yamazaki Distillery. Their legacy can be sensed in the very air breathed by these Umeshu liqueurs as they quietly mature over time in antique whisky hogsheads nestled in this natural environment. 

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