Wild-Caught Sashimi-grade Whole Rock Lobster

  • $45.00

  • 2 or more $38.00 each

By the same experts behind our sashimi-grade Scampi (a new bestseller on Zairyo!!), we present the beautiful Whole Rock Lobster that is also sashimi-grade and sustainably wild-caught from Australia.

They are first caught, then examined and individually graded. Lobsters are processed by a fishery that is MSC accredited for being sustainably managed, which ensures ongoing, long-term supplies of high-quality seafood. 

These Grade A Whole Rock Lobsters are then blast frozen with state-of-the-art blast freezers that capture the freshness and seals the meat in such a way that when thawed, the fresh taste and excellent texture for which the Western Rock Lobster is famous, is fully retained. Each lobster is individually wrapped and packed into their specialized packaging. 

  • Product of Western Australia 
  • Approx. 400G ~ 450G per piece
  • Keep item frozen. Only thaw on the day that you wish to consume it. Do not thaw overnight. 
  • Sashimi-grade 
  • *Note*: They are individually wrapped in specialized plastic and tied with a rubber band as this keeps the lobster well. They are not air-tight sealed. This does not affect the safety of the Sashimi as the meat is within the shell. If you have an issue with this, please do not purchase. Refer to images for packaging.
  • Can be poached, roasted, grilled, or served as Sashimi. 
  • Sustainably-caught. Wild-caught. 
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