Yamaguchi A4 Aged Wagyu Chuck Roll Shabu Shabu Slices / 山口和牛肉しゃぶしゃぶ

  • $31.50

Full Blood Wagyu from Yamaguchi prefecture that has been aged so you can enjoy the full flavour of Wagyu! 

Why age Wagyu? The aging process breaks down the tissue in the meat, which makes it more tender. With moisture drawn out of the meat over time, the meat becomes more flavourful~

  • Product of Japan, Yamaguchi prefecture
  • 2MM thin!
  • 100G per tray
  • Suitable for steamboats, Sukiyaki shabu shabu
  • Flash frozen for freshness 
  • Due to premium quality of product, to ensure freshness, this product is best consumed within 5 days once opened/thawed.
  • Note: There may be uneven colour on the meats but it is normal. It doesn't affect the quality, texture or taste of the meats. It is not a discoloration or oxidation.