Salmon Slices (15PC) / サーモンスライス

  • $17.20

Sliced and blast frozen in Japan for your convenience! Keep a stash in your freezer and have Sashimi any time, any day.

We recommend this more for Steamboats as it is firm enough to hold up in the soup (so good!). You can undercook it as it Sashimi-grade! 

For Chirashi/Sashimi, we recommend only getting the fresh chilled Salmon. This is great for convenience (you'll always have it in your freezer!), but the trade off is that it will never be as good as fresh. 

  • Sashimi-grade, air-flown from Japan. 
  • Salmon is from Norway, processed and packed in Japan.
  • No need for curing, just thaw and it is ready to be had as sashimi!
  • 15 pieces per tray, approx 10G per piece (150G)
  • Best consumed as sashimi, sushi, or chirashi.
  • Flash frozen for freshness 
  • Can be kept up to 2 months in the freezer
  • Once thawed, please do not refreeze. Keep in a covered container, in the fridge, for 1~2 day max. 
  • NOTE: Texture of this salmon is DIFFERENT from CHILLED Salmon because it has been flash frozen before. It is firmer, but it does NOT mean that it is smoked. This is RAW. Colour of the salmon differs a lot when frozen VS chilled. The colour of the salmon will change once it has been thawed! Please view pictures for reference.