Chicken Thigh Yakitori Sticks 10PC / 焼き鳥 10PC

  • $15.90
  • Produced for supplying to restaurants and Izakayas here, now available to you.
  • Tender and delicious cooked Yakitori sticks made with pure Chicken Thigh meat and Yakitori sauce with a light char for a hint of smokeyness.
  • 10 pieces, comes in a resealable bag
  • Frozen for freshness
  • Convenient for parties, bentos, or simply as a side dish for lazy nights. 
  • Toast/grill in toaster oven for 11~13min. Or in an oven on 180°C for 13~15 min. Microwave from frozen on high for 5~8 minutes.
  • This item is already cooked.