Chicken Patty (Unbreaded) / 鳥ハンバーガーパテ

  • $3.80
  • Made for restaurant supply
  • 4 pieces per pack, ~60G per piece
  • Great BBQed/grilled, air-fried, pan-fried, or baked. 
  • Ingredients: Chicken meat, corn starch, wheat starch, soy protein, sugar, salt, chicken flavour, MSG, pepper. Allergens: wheat, soy.
  • Perfect with Tonkatsu sauce or Yakitori sauce
  • Keep frozen, do not refreeze once thawed.
  • Product of Singapore (import of poultry from Japan is prohibited)
  • Suggested use: Thaw before use. Pan fry patty for 2 min on each side or wrap patties in aluminium foil and grill at medium heat for 5min on each side.